I just looked iphone profile closely by Youtube.com. The first word from me is WOW!!!! Iphone is one of Apple product’s. There is no button in Iphone. So, all of button will be virtual (touch screen). The screen so wide, it takes 80% of your phone. There is too many feature will you get. You can listen the music, save your photos and etc. Basically, features of Iphone are not different with another gadget. But, “how to use this gadget”, this will make you said WOW.. Hmm… i don’t know how to describe this gadget to you by word… This is link of this gadget demo.. Hope you will do same thing with me.. say W.O.W… 🙂

Unfortunately, it just support GSM, GPRS, and 3G.. While, i am recently looking for gadget that support HSDPA (3,5G).. eventhough, i’m still hoping to get this gadget…