Last time I clicked youtube and entered Bill Gates speech as keywords. There are too many video had appeared in You Wow, I was attracked to click one of them, And I clicked Bill Gates speech at Harvard (part 1). Hmm… When the video was played, i listened Bill gates speech closely. He is amazing people, he was relax and made the audiences laugh.. We didn’t need more focus to know what he meant. His speech is valuable but kept relax. Hmm.. fantastic person.


After finished listening bill gates’s speech, I continued to look forward another Bill Gates’s video, and I found Farewell Bill Gates. Hohoho… this video is told about Bill Gates’s character. Actually, he is interesting person. Although he was CEO, he didn’t show high hierarchical to his staff. And he made his staff comfort to work in his company. He was crazy, he wanted to be singer (but his performance wasn’t good), he wanted to be actor in film (but producer wasn’t interested with himself).. But, Bill Gates still a Genius Person.. Creative person, and interesting person.. isn’t he??