According to people that visited my blog.. This is not time to still write in Bahasa (Indonesia). My blog is welcome for All of the people in the world. So, it will be obstacle for them if i still use Bahasa (read -> Indonesia). I guess, hmmm… i should make new blog to go globally.. But, it will need high effort first.. Wow… i’m not ready to face this.. But, i should still accomodate for international people… So nowadays, i added 2 new category in my blog (“in Bahasa” category and “in English”).

  • “In Bahasa” category >> i will tell about my self closely, more friendly, and using Bahasa
  • “In English” category >> i will tell about anything that enrich your knowledge and information. Absolutely, i will write in English…

Still writing… Still sharing… and still keep networking… ^_^